Erwan Alexis Innovative New Single “Selfish” Rediscovers A Fresh & Eclectic Sound

Erwan Alexis was born in the United States to French parents who continuously exposed him to music and dance, and together with his own creativity, he flourished as a bold and sincere musical artist. Growing up in NYC, Erwan dealt with the hardships that face an inner city youth. Though he sings much about love and heartbreak, his upcoming album also deals with the internal and external battles that a multiracial youth may fight everyday.

The inspiration behind this song is the question "Is it selfish, that I want you - I can't help it I didn't want to". These are the words Erwan asks in the chorus, and they come as a revelation in a song about infidelity and a woman with multiple suitors. Erwan realizes that he's selfish in his pursuit of this woman in a happy relationship; But the words, "You can't have your cake and eat it too".Written by Alexis in late 2019, “Selfish” came to fruition during a trip to Paris. Alexis collaborated with Felix Sabal-Lecco for the single. The musical giants emerged themselves in the studio and the Cameroonian producer added his signature sound to the track.

Q. Have you always had the passion to sing?

Yes I've always had a passion for music. My mother was a singer and dancer, my father was a percussionist. I grew up in music around some really world class musicians and performers. My mother actually recorded an album with me in her belly, so naturally I was pushed towards learning an instrument and singing. Singing is especially important to me, because it really demands more than muscle memory and mastery. In order to touch people you have to sing with "soul", soul isn't taught in a school! Q. Tell us about your new single "Selfish" and who's it for?