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Fashion Model Trayjudo Discuss Music, Fame, and Future Plans For His Brand

TrayJudo, a famed model and multi-faceted content creator acquired his notoriety through his appearance in the hit single “Walk” by musician and influencer Saucy Santana. Aspiring to continually elevate his career in his pursuit of fashion Tray utilized the opportunity to wear his collection from his forthcoming clothing line in the viral video. The merging fashion icon began landing superior modeling campaigns. Tray modeled for fashion houses such as Fashion Nova, Naked Wolf, Jaded London, and Dolls Kill. By showcasing his diversity across his social media platforms Tray acquired an impressive international social media following of 65,000. His social media following grew in the minute duration of only one year.

Will 2022 be the breakout year for Trayjudo?

Q. What or who inspired you to become a fashion model?

I think modeling is something I’ve always wanted to do. I used to try out for so many companies or agencies when I was younger. They just never seemed to suit what I was actually looking for. When the pandemic hit I decided to get up and pursue my dreams.

Q. What steps did you take to get your fashion and music career off the ground?

To get my projects off the ground I took full advantage of social media. It’s like having a key to a door in your lap. I believe you just have to know what exactly you want to do and apply pressure and be consistent.

Q. How was it working on the set of “Walk” with Saucy Santana?

Working with Saucy was amazing. He’s so sweet in person. He put me on the biggest catwalk with all eyes on me. On the inside, I was so nervous. After I warmed up to it the runway was mine. I appreciated being able to work with him. It was definitely a highlight of my career.

Q. Have you come across any roadblocks in your path to success? If so, how did you overcome them?

I will say the roadblocks I’ve come across would have to be creative blocks. Once you're in a good place I feel like as a creative you tend to get comfy and forget or lose the hunger that got you in the position you’re in. I had to surround myself with others who had the ambition to get me back in that headspace.

Q. Based on your own experiences, what are some pros and cons of the fashion industry?

The pros of the fashion industry are that you can gain a lot of ground quickly through social media. You can bring fashion into almost every part of the industry. So many people are in constant need of fashion help. Cons could be from what I’ve seen. People are not wanting other creatives to come in or step on their toes. Meaning if someone can help they won’t. So you have to find good people in this industry cause if not you’ll probably end up getting played and fast.

Q. What’s next for TrayJudo?

I feel like the next big step in my life is music. I have a lot in store for quarter2 of this year. I feel like spring is always when I start any cycle. I feel like spring is meant for new beginnings.

Q. What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I binge-watch any anime I find interesting or go hang out with my best friends and skateboard. If I’m not doing that thing I’m planning so far ahead all the time. I feel like that’s a problem with me. I have to force myself to have and enjoy free time and not make it work.

Q. What does success mean to you?

Success to me means that I will no longer have to work so hard like I am right now. I’m working so hard right now so that when I am older I’ve laid out a foundation that is so solid. I can sit back and kick my feet up. I want to be able to send my grandkids off to college. Success to me is having everything taken care of.

Q. What advice can you give to aspiring entrepreneurs who would like to turn their dreams into realities?

f you are looking to turn your dreams into a reality. Don’t ever get comfortable. You don’t have time to be comfortable; you can have that when the job is done. Always apply pressure. If the content doesn’t reflect your best work don’t release it. Everything you do is a reflection of you.

Connect with TrayJudo on Instagram and Facebook @trayjudo

Interview by: Lee Kenielle Whetstone, EIC

PR: Pilar Scratch

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