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How to Activate Your Purpose As a Corporate Professional

Let’s be honest, finding your “purpose” in life isn’t an easy task. Discovering your purpose requires a lot more than a Google search. It is found in personal growth. Therefore, self-awareness is a major key to identifying who you are called to be. You must figure out who you are, where you want to be in life, what type of career path you want to take, and what type of people you want to associate yourself with to visualize the life you want.

When I was in corporate, I kept landing jobs that did not serve me. One day, I decided to uncover my purpose and realized that I was chasing positions that had nothing to do with my calling. After this realization, I successfully packaged my experiences and skills to the point where I was offered positions I had little to no experience in, but it made me grow into the leader and expert that I am today.

In this article, I list ways how you can activate your purpose as a corporate professional.

1. Develop a personal brand

Personal branding is not just for entrepreneurs, it's also for those who are destined to climb the corporate ladder. First, you should narrow down your expertise, package those skills into a professional resume or portfolio, and then figure out what you want out of that position. This will help in deciding where you want to work.

2. Apply to jobs that allow you to utilize your gifts

Don't apply to jobs just because. If you are passionate about helping animals, apply to veterinary jobs as opposed to applying to a position in retail because it's easier to get.

"Do what you were called to do so that you can stop having an attitude"

3. Become an intrapreneur

Intrapreneurs are people who are passionate about their careers although they work for someone else. They are innovative, take their jobs seriously and enjoy what they do. If something affects the company, intrapreneurs take it personally and discover ways to fix the problem. They work over 40 hours a week by putting in extra hours and they think of creative ways to enhance the company’s performance. As a result, these are the type of people to receive promotions in their jobs. If you do not feel this way about the current job you are in, find your passion and apply for a position where you can utilize your gifts. Not everyone wants to own their own company, but no one said that you cannot be a boss or leader because of that.

4. Focus on professional development

Dedicate yourself to becoming a lifelong learner. If you are lacking a skill, learn how to do it. Attend trainings, webinars, and seminars, read books or take a course. Remember, you might be one skill away from that huge promotion! Do not let anything that is learnable prevent you from accomplishing your goals and earning more money.

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5. Remember your why

Your WHY is your foundation. It gives your clarity, happiness, and fulfillment which will lead you to attract positions and companies that have a great culture, purpose, values, professional development, competitive salaries, and more.

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Written by: Lee K. Whetstone, Purpose Coach, Brand Strategist, and Magazine Owner

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