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How to Successfully Mix Business With Pleasure All Year Round

As people prepare to be with their loved ones on Valentines' Day, today we are going to focus on how you can successfully mix business with pleasure all year round. "All work and no play" is a popular saying but today we are going to list how you can "work and play" at the same time.

1. Send a gift to your client(s)

This is a great way to show your clients that you appreciate them. Send a "thank you" gift or send them something for the holidays. Some client appreciation gifts are flowers, candles, wine, customized apparel, gift cards, chocolates, journals, and books.

2. Host a Virtual Staff Social

Host a themed staff social that allows your team to socialize about things other than work. It can be a Galantines-themed social or a social filled with trivia and fun games. Spice it up by allowing staff to eat during the session.

3. Host a Virtual Lunch & Learn

Invite customers to a special lunch and learn event where they can learn more about the company. As a bonus, offer a $10-$15 lunch voucher to customers who joined. (i.e. send them an e-gift card). Make it fun by adding a question of the day before the event starts to warm up the room. This is a great way to potentially land new customers.

4. Have a "Me" Day

Make sure to make self-care a priority. Burn-out is a serious issue. Enjoy a trip to the spa or have a glass of wine while working on a project. Remember to enjoy yourself during the process of building your purpose-driven business.