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YouTuber Ifueko Igbinovia Helps Creatives Rediscover Being Eccentric

Born and raised in New Jersey, Ifueko Igbinovia was determined to compose a platform that assisted creatives in being organic and allows them to embrace their eccentricity. Commencing her YouTube channel in March 2018 as a innovative content creator, Ifueko wanted her message of individuality to be apparent through her platform. Previously, Ifueko worked for Universal Motown Records where she ventured into the entertainment world studying public relations for a vast quantity of celebrities. While at Universal, Ifueko converted into a radio personality for Clubzone FM. As a seasoned celebrity publicist she began acquiring her own clients and thriving in brand and media building. Being completely transparent and relatable, she built her viewership through her talent. Ifueko's background sets the tone for who she is today and with her eccentric and witty personality.

Presently, Living In My Mind has gone viral with the commencement of “ Brand Ambassador Scams On Instagram” which averaged 74,000 views. The notoriety of the channel unearthed through its portrait of relatability. A woman living inside her mind, her inner thoughts; as we all are. The channel's mantra “#JudgeMeAnyways” sets the tone of the nonexistence validation of the world that every creative should have. Ifueko embraces her eccentricity and converses with her higher self “Star”. The keynote character of the channel is Star "Ifueko is Star Power; Star Power is she" Star Power is actually her inner thoughts. The witty combination of transparency and bluntness has created a vast following for the channel.

The collaboration of current events and discussions are so blunt that her viewers desire to engage and participate. Her channel is also filled with exclusive celebrity interviews where special guests are invited to appear to tackle daily concerning topics. Ifueko’s expression of art through her youtube channel “Living In My Mind” has converted into an immense passion for her. Ifueko has become a content creator that the world enjoys watching.

Connect with Ifueko: & Instagram: @Fueko_xoxo

PR: Pilar Scratch

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