It's Not You, It's Your Name

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

Your name might be the reason why employers are not calling you back.

African American Business Man

Your name might be the reason why employers are not calling you back. Have you ever wondered why you never received that phone call or email from the job(s) you have previously applied for? Let’s break it down, you’ve researched the company, fixed your resume, matched your skills to the job description, made follow-up calls and emails and still no answer. Or there's a chance that you have received an “Unfortunately, we chose another candidate" email. Well ONE of the reasons why employers are not contacting you might be because of the sound of your name

According to, students with stereotypical “black sounding names” are less likely to get called for interviews from “white sounding” names (i.e. John, Jane). Male residents with “black sounding” names are mostly viewed as physically large, dangerous and violent. Further studies showed that resumes sent out with the names Lakisha Washington and Jamal Jones found it harder to receive a call back or had to at least dish out more resumes because of the 50% gap in callback rates. (Similar comparisons with Latino and East Asian-sounding names). ***Please note that these researches have been based on callbacks, not if the person actually got the job or not.***