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Leading with Lee Covers Brooklyn Fashion Week 2021

Fall is here, leaves are changing, pumpkin spice is in season, and New York’s weather is about to take a relentless dip. It can be challenging trying to figure out what to wear during the autumn season, but a few fashion designers in Brooklyn, displayed some hot looks that were sure to keep anybody both stylish, and warm.

Last week, Fashion Week Brooklyn kicked off its week-long event that immersed attendees deep into the world of fashion. Along with the runway shows, FWB hosted a series of events that brought together brunch, conversational panels, and backstage exposés, to shed light and appreciation for all components of the fashion industry.

This appreciation struck conversations about the future of fashion, and on October 15th, FWB hosted “Rebel for a Cause” Runway Show + Afterparty.

The music and fashion fundraiser was held at the Rebel Café, in Brooklyn, NY. Guests arrived and were seated in the cafe’s outdoor space, also known as the “Garden”, which was embellished by grass walls illuminated with inspiring neon signs. The walkway of tables and chairs that are usually set for the restaurant’s services, was rearranged into a triangular runway where audience members were able to look on from all sides.

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The first designer to hit the runway with their collection was Inez, with Trestyle. This designer kicked off the show keeping all the fall vibes; using layers, plaid, and accessorizing with vibrant red boots and black fedoras.

Inez’s collection was versatile, and had an effortless transition of ensembles. Keeping the layers and fall theme, jackets, trench coats, and vests made their appearance on a number of models. The fascinating aspect of this collection was the use of multiple textures and materials (which continued with the other designers throughout the show).

As the comforts of the more casual, day to day looks sashayed off the runway, grace and elegance appeared in Trestyle’s evening wear. Inez combined sheer and solid materials, as well as patterns and textures, to gowns, cocktail dresses, maxi skirts, and slacks.

Up next was Janina Klahold with blk top KOPE. This collection featured super comfortable streetwear; a collection of sweatsuits for men and women. The vibrant colors in shades of orange, red, and royal blue, are sure to stand out this fall. The blocked design of the black and white pieces were bold, simplistic, yet artistic.

Klahold gave looks that also featured layers, guaranteeing it’s wearers will not only be fashionable, but warm as well. The entire collection was paired with boots of some sorts, whether it was a pair of Timberland boots, or even Doc Martens, however, it was easy to imagine a fresh pair of all white Air Force 1’s with just about any of those pieces.

Last but certainly not least…

Indigo Style Vintage by Sheryl Roberts, ripped the runway with looks that were a blast from the past; featuring styles reminiscent of the 60’s all the way through to the 90’s. This unique collection showed how vintage fashion can still be today’s fashion, and a way to rebel against what’s typical, and predictable.

Roberts amazed guests with mixed patterns, multiple textures, layers, and bold hair. Almost nothing was off limits to this collection, as the ensembles featured lace, fishnets, sequins, velour and more. Indigo Style Vintage took glitz and glam to the next level with the hybrid ensembles that can be worn to a Sunday brunch, or as evening wear to a banquet event.

Fashion Week Brooklyn brought sass, class, and rebellion to the Rebel Café. The afterparty was a great opportunity for dancing, picture taking, networking, and just overall enjoying the positive vibes.

You can go to their website at, for any updates, and announcements on future shows and events.

Written by: Tarice Spencer (IG: @reesewrites_)

Photos by: Chante Ramsey (IG: @vysynphotos)

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